• A Cracked Pot in the Hands of the Potter

    A Cracked Pot in the Hands of the Potter

    In the first issue of ‘Serving Together’ for 2018, Andrew talked about one of his favourite T-shirts illustrating many different emotions — happiness, sadness, loneliness, peace, Read More
  • The Fragile Life

    The Fragile Life

    We are fragile people living on a fragile planet. Tsunamis, bush fires, floods, droughts, deaths and earthquakes are reminders that we don’t have everything under Read More
  • Missionary Unfiltered

    Missionary Unfiltered

    A year ago I decided to write a real life blog. No mask, no rose-coloured glasses, no filters, just the reality of my everyday life Read More


    Scientists tell us the ‘Big Bang’ supposedly started from hydrogen and helium 13.7 billion years ago (and who made those two elements?). The other elements Read More
  • Mission of Missionary Training

    Mission of Missionary Training

    We are on staff at one of the National Bible and Missionary Training Colleges in Asia Pacific. Since 2016 we have been based in New Read More
  • Praying Through Struggle

    Praying Through Struggle

    I urge you, brothers and sisters, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by Read More
  • 70 Years Of Camping

    70 Years Of Camping

    There is a slight tear in the green felt of the smaller pool table at the Christian Youth Camp Pialba (CYC Campialba), Hervey Bay, Qld. Read More
  • God Is Faithful

    God Is Faithful

    My grateful thanks to all who uphold me in prayer, and for those who take the time and trouble to write. Receiving news of individuals Read More
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Kevin and Eloise Dyer (Specialists, DPG Day 19)
The impact of Bright Hope’s ministry continues to be shared through the statistics and stories of help received through churches by vulnerable people in different countries. Thank God for these affirmations of God’s faithfulness. On a personal level, pray for the Dyers as together they fight Eliose’s memory loss.

Tim and Merryn Fawssett (Australia, DPG Day 15)
Pray for wisdom for Tim as he plans gatherings in Brisbane to increase cross-cultural awareness and to grapple with issues of living and ministering authentically in a multi-cultural society.

Allison Howell (Ghana, DPG Day 2)
Pray for Allison as she begins to settle into Australia after 37 years in Ghana

Phil and Sandy Jones (Mexico, DPG Day 5)
Praise God that there are no traces of cancer in Sandy’s first round of post-treatment tests. Pray for Phil and Sandy as they seek options for a PET scan this month – this will need to done through private health services. Pray for increasing energy levels for Sandy – she is still in the recovery phase. Thank God that the family are able to visit Australia for 2 months from late June to late August. And praise Him too, for the continuing work of discipling and of growing leaders (especially Oscar, Luis Fernando and later, Erte).

Julie Loudon (Specialist, DPG Day 21) and Noela Elvery (Specialist, DPG Day 20)
Continue to pray for Gedeon (and his family in Kenya) as he settles into Australian life and studies to convert his Commercial Pilots licences.

Darren and Meredith Lydeamore (SA, DPG Day 13)
Darren had a cycling fall last Thursday and is still in hospital as doctors are concerned about some internal bleeding in his head. There were further tests on Monday with more scans later in the week. Please pray for a full recovery for Darren and for the God’s peace for the Lydeamore family at this uncertain time.

Kara McLaughlin (South Africa, DPG Day 2)
Kara has responsibility for Hands@Work teams in both Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Currently she is based on Chimoio in central Mozambique where her role is to support Hands@Work people who are mobilising churches in rural villages to care for their most vulnerable children and families. Give thanks for the opportunities to see God at work in the midst of brokenness. Pray for Kara’s ever-deepening walk with God.

David and Elly Sharp (Specialists, DPG Day 21)
Thank God that the typesetting work is going well in Yaounde and pray for continuing progress. Pray too for wisdom for decisions regarding future assignments.

Edward and Ruth Smith (Venezuela, DPG Day 6)
Edward and Ruth have returned to Venezuela. Pray for them and fellow-believers in the current turmoil that the country is in.

Tim and Anna Southcott (Timor-Leste, DPG Day 12)
The Southcott family have now spent a week in their new location in Dili. Pray for them as they learn the ropes, both in aviation and in daily living

Jono and Marie (Restricted Access, DPG Day 24)
Praise God that as a result of a meeting that Jono and Marie had about their visa situation, they have been offered a 6 month visa with a new project looking at opportunities to start working in education. Hopefully, the result of this will be a long term visa for Jono in an education role. They are grateful to God and to all who have been praying - and relieved that they don’t have to move.

We extend our sympathy to Walter and Gabrielle Wetzel and the family, as they grieve the loss of Walter’s father. Please pray that God will be their comfort at this time.

Christina Eglinton (with AMT in Kenya from 1993-2014) will return to Nairobi for a 3-week visit to the Solidarity Child Rescue Centre from February 14. Pray for wisdom as she meets with the renewed Board and with students past and present. Pray too for Chris’s safety during this time.

Disaster Relief
Donations to Christian Community churches who are helping those who are affected by severe weather conditions in Australia can be made through Stewards Foundation https://www.stewardsfoundation.com.au/disaster-relief/ or phone 1300 728 227




In the first issue of ‘Serving Together’ for 2018, Andrew talked about one of his favourite...
We are fragile people living on a fragile planet. Tsunamis, bush fires, floods, droughts, deaths...
A year ago I decided to write a real life blog. No mask, no rose-coloured glasses, no filters,...